EPS Foam – Who Says It’s Not Recyclable?

There are two common misconceptions of expanded polystyrene, (EPS).

The first one – that it’s  called Styrofoam™.  Styrofoam™ is a Dow trade name and is actually blue in color.

The second one – it is not recyclable.  It is indeed recyclable and has many uses in its recycled state.

There is no need for EPS foam to end up in landfills. It can go back into the manufacturing process of foam blocks or packaging or it can be compacted and densified to create totally new products.

Harden EPS densifier is a better solution to recycle and densify EPS. Harden EPS densifier uses innovative technology to compress bulky foam waste EPS extremely efficiently into easy to manage, stackable blocks – with no re-expansion. The extreme reduction in volume achieved 50:1.

EPS Densifier

EPS Densifier

Densified EPS foam is reincarnated into such products as coat hangers, garbage cans, plant pots, garden furniture, disposable cameras, park benches, picture frames, cd cases, cassette casings, glue and much more.


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