EPS and EPS Recycling: the Extraordinary Product Solution

Expanded polystyrene is a simple product. The manufacturing process consists of two material components: raw beads and steam. That’s it. The beads, known as styrene beads, originate as an oily liquid byproduct of the petroleum industry. Rather than being run off as waste, the liquid form is processed to extract the oil and produce tiny, sand-like beads. When steam is added to the beads they expand to 40 times their original size, thus the name: expanded polystyrene.

About EPS beads | EPS Densifers For EPS Foam Recycling

Speaking of the hereafter, let’s talk about EPS recycling. The long life characteristics of EPS foam make it a great application for Geofoam and many other products, but it is also recyclable! Harden is able to offer EPS recycling equipment – EPS densifier.

EPS Densifier

EPS Densifier

EPS foam is put through the EPS densifier to get highly densed EPS blocks. EPS densifier reduces EPS foam volume by 50 times for easier transportation and further application. EPS densifier is a better solution for EPS recycling.

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