Can Polystyrene Foam Be Recycled?

Yes, but there is a lot of debate as to whether recycling isn’t actually more detrimental to the environment than landfilling this substance.

Recycling polystyrene is not a closed-loop process. What this means is that we don’t recycle styrofoam into other styrofoam products. Instead it is recycled into other plastics, most of which are not themselves recyclable. In the process  even more resources are expended and more pollutants released.

Furthermore, most recyclers don’t want to handle polystyrene. It’s lightweight and takes up a lot of space. The markets for recycled polystyrene have been unstable and processors often can’t get a good market price for the material.

If you do wish to recycle polystyrene, your best bet will be EPS densifier. Harden and Hasswell can offer different kinds of EPS densifiers. EPS densifier densifies waste polystyrene packaging blocks, EPS fish boxes, and EPS board to absolute minimum, up to 50 to 1 size reduction. With this significant volume reduction, the densified polystyrene will take up much less storage space, and it makes logs that f cilitate transport and handling. This means a big cost saving and higher residual value of scraps.

EPS Densifier

EPS Densifier

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